Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Health care is not a right, but (that’s a loud, emphatic BUT), we have the resources, as a nation, to make certain that no one suffers or dies from lack of access to quality medical care.  We have the resources to guarantee that no one who acts in good faith will have to choose between food/rent and seeing a doctor.  We have the resources to provide the best pre-natal care to every expectant mother.  We have the resources to help our aging population live a quality life, maintain independence and dignity.  We have the resources to make access to health care a non-issue for all Americans. 
So, what are we waiting for?  One word: PROFIT---health care is a "for-profit" business.  If we’re too kind, too generous with our existing resources, there’s not enough profit in health care, hospitals, or insurance companies for wealthy investors to make adequate ROI.  And, our new government doesn’t have the courage or strength of character to legislate health care over profits (because many of them depend on contributions from big investors—or, they are big investors themselves).   I know, beyond any doubt, there are thousands upon thousands of people in the country who do not have health insurance because they can’t afford it, or perhaps in a few rare cases, prefer not to buy health care.  Many work full time for small companies that don’t offer group coverage, or they don’t work at all.  So, when they do need care, often times they wind up at emergency rooms, knowing that they won’t be turned away (look up EMTLA).  Maybe Medicaid will pay, or the hospital will try to collect—or will eventually write it off.  In any event, I, we, wind up paying for it—and I’m OK with that.  I may need help myself, someday, and trust there are others who feel as I do, that we, as Americans, have an obligation to help when we can.  Again, this is not a partisan opinion, it’s simply my opinion of what’s right and just—and American.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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