Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where has all the honor gone?

When I was a boy I had this talk with my Dad and my Grandpa about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Grandpa was in favor of police officer or firefighter because they were noble professions—they were people who put the welfare, the safety, and the security of others above their own.  Daddy said soldier, sailor, or marine were good, too, for the same reasons.  The conversation continued and included lawyer, judge, and Congressman.  Elmo and Grandpa agreed that “those were noble professions.”   For most of my life I’ve believed that the vast majority of public servants were noble, honorable, courageous people of character.  I’ve believed that people who chose that path, did so because they had a desire to serve, a sense of altruism, a righteous motive to do good for others.  I’m not sure any of that is any longer true.  To my friends in Louisiana---please don’t be offended, I know there are still honorable men and women, serving the public good rather than serving self, but the former are in such a minority that I worry, “What chance do we have?”   

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