Monday, July 11, 2016

Keys to Success in Retail

MY FIRST NON-FICTION WORK, cover blurb: "Sour milk, a $10,000 order of French fries, a pastry emergency, my leftover pork chops . . . How do those fit into Success in Business? Read on and learn the elements of enduring growth and profitability in business (retail and more).

Keys to Success in Retail is the working title, and as the book comes together it will become clear that these elements of business apply in many scenarios (thus, the title is subject to change). Many of my associates, friends, family, have heard and laughed heartily at the anecdotes (mostly true) that I use to develop my truths (not theories, not suggestions, but truths); but, I hope my readers will be more than just entertained. I do not utilize statistics to support the truths, but instead use my 40+ years of success, my education, and observations of businesses that succeed (and some that failed). I will be consulting, as well, with at least two other successful business owners/managers. If you want stats, I'll provide some links to US Department of Commerce (and more) that will quantify some of the truths.

My goals are first, to offer solid, common sense, low-cost, long-lasting solutions to the challenges that every business faces, and second, to foster and promote the use of stories or anecdotes to relay substantive thought about business.