Monday, June 13, 2016

2nd Amendment

So we're clear---I do not wish to repeal the 2nd amendment. I do, however, want to keep guns out of the hands of the terrorists, radical pimply-faced nerds who shoot up schools and theaters, demented Catholics that shoot up women's health centers, and anyone else who will use a gun to murder innocent people. What rational person can disagree with that? How do we do that? First, we stop worrying about losing our Mossberg 12 ga. pump or Winchester 30-06 locked in the gun safe, because we've exercised the responsible behavior directly linked to our 2nd amendment rights (remember that from high school Civics class?). We make sure our neighbors and friends do the same thing. Then we all work together, liberals, conservatives, moderates, all races, all religions, to find the workable rational solutions---stop spending all our time and energy arguing with each other while a terrorist gets gun training, a gun permit, legally buys an assault rifle, and kills 50 people. No side wins this argument----all sides lose. More guns will not fix this-----I can't accept the cafeteria ladies, janitors, and bus drivers carrying Glock 19's to make middle school safer---that is not the answer.