Sunday, February 28, 2016

Letter to Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio,

Harry Truman was President when I was born. I don’t remember him, but I have vivid memories of the next eleven Presidents and their time in office. We’ve had some frightening events over those 60 plus years—a missile crisis, the ‘Domino’ theory, a cold war, assassinations, attempted assassinations, ‘Police’ actions (just before my memories begin), hostages, wars, terrorist attacks, economic crashes—and more. None of that scared me like the possibility of a Trump presidency does. If you are truly Patriots, and you truly care about the future of our nation, you will join forces with the other Republican candidates and do whatever it takes to take the party nomination away from him. I know both of you want to be President, but the way it’s going neither of you will be your party’s candidate. One of you needs to step up to the microphone tomorrow (the more courageous of the two), and tell the world that, “For the future of our nation, in the interest of uniting all Americans, I am withdrawing from the race and pledging all of my resources to Mr. XXXXXXX.” Work whatever deal for post-election you deem appropriate, a cabinet seat, that open SCOTUS spot—but be Patriots, stop the in-fighting and do what’s right for our nation’s future. And if your party doesn’t win, step up to the new president on Wednesday, the day after that 1st Tuesday after the first Monday in November and say, “Mr. (or Madam) President, what can I do to help?” We need ALL rational Americans working together, NOW. That is what a Patriot would do.

Warm regards,

Most of the civilized world and me, a grey-haired guy, veteran, father. . .

Monday, February 15, 2016

What a leader ought to be....

With a presidential election just months away, I’ve lately thought more about what our leader should be, not who necessarily, but what character traits must that person possess. It’s pretty simple—I want my leader to be brave and bold, but humble and self-effacing. I want him or her to be imaginative, creative, open-minded, not risk-averse, but not foolhardy either. I want him or her to understand the tremendous responsibility it is to be at least partially accountable for the health and welfare of a nation and have a true passion for serving. I want him or her to be kind, generous, and understand that spending all your time, money, energy simply trying to make your opponent look bad does not make you look good. I want him/her to understand that he or she cannot get anything done without the guidance, help, and support of those around them. One person cannot be expert on everything. And, finally, I want my leader to embrace the notion of personal accountability; and, by that I mean have the courage to admit when you’ve screwed up and be willing to do whatever it takes to make up for your mistake.

I could go on, but that’ll do it for now. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want of my leader? Does my current choice embody those character traits mentioned above?”

I have known intuitively from the very beginning that I do not want Donald Trump to be leader of the free world—my leader. It didn’t take a lot of deep thought nor analysis to reach that conclusion. My low opinion of the man is reinforced every time he opens his mouth---he’s an arrogant ass, rude, offensive, quick witted, of course, but really simple-minded and not very intelligent. Does he truly believe that he can fix all that ails us with his bullying and bluster? He’ll be either a miserable failure or a catastrophic failure—meaning he’ll just be totally ineffective and waste years of our lives or he’ll start a war and get thousands more young American boys and girls killed. And, by the way, I just expressed strong emotion without using any profanity. Smart people, respectful people can do that.