Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New World Order, a novel by Bracy Ratcliff

This is actually an excerpt from another of my half-done novels. I was toying with the idea of some kind of post-apocalypse saga and it came to me that the most compelling story would be one that COULD happen, in real life. So, this is what I came up with in early 2012:

The individual events that put Earth where it is today, June 24, 2024, Matt Wayne’s 21st birthday, were significant, even catastrophic; but, not apocalyptic. One by one, over a six year span, the toll from a sequence of more or less ordinary events pushed our planet near collapse: •

November 2012, war in the middle east

A long story, but suffice it to say that all the nuclear weapons they had were used up—Iran was first—Ahmadinejad said the US was amassing forces in the Indian Sea, Turkey, and Afghanistan and were about to attack his country. He was angrily protesting UN sanctions imposed in an effort to stop his country’s nuclear weapons testing—which he swore they did not have. So, he threatened to retaliate “in-kind.” His military jumped the gun and launched a preemptory attack aimed at Kabul where the big US/UN base was. Oops, the plane carrying the bomb got lost and accidently dropped the nuclear warhead in Pakistan. Iran apologized, but Pakistan didn’t accept and launched missiles in retaliation. Before it was over India and Israel got into the game. If there was a winner it was Israel, but some estimates said that 50,000,000 died, either directly or from longer term effects of radiation, perhaps 100,000,000 were homeless •

Christmas Day, 2012, Disaster above the 38th Parallel o

New leader of N. Korea, Kim Jung Un, launches two missiles with nuclear warheads toward Seoul. One warhead detonates during launch, killing 4,000,000; the second was intercepted by a US PAC 3 anti-ballistic missile and the debris fell harmlessly into the ocean. Kim blamed the US for the nuclear incident, but the already troubled country was devastated. Power outages and food shortages led to chaos and Kim was quickly unseated as the supreme leader and replaced by his brother. The brother asked for aid from neighbors and no one would help—5,000,000 died of hypothermia and starvation before the end of February, millions more fled to China or to S. Korea. •

Summer 2013 o

It got hot, very hot. The National Weather Service recorded 20 straight days in July over 120 degrees in Arizona and Southern California. The hot temperatures were accompanied by massive power failures. By the end of the second week of 120+ and no air conditioner, tens of thousands had died, hundreds of thousands left Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Tucson and headed for cooler climes. The mass exodus from LA and Phoenix opened the cities up to thugs and vandals. Before it was over, the National Guard was controlling both cities but the damage was done. No one wanted to return. •

Winter, Spring 2013, 2014 o

Record snow fall, followed by record spring rains pushed rivers over their banks and over some major cities. From St. Louis to New Orleans the Mississippi rolled like a tsunami all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. From just south of Baton Rouge—Louisiana disappeared. •

August 2015 o

Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful storm ever recorded—a massive category 5 rolled ashore at the tip of Manhattan. Most of the island and much of the other four boroughs of New York City were completely destroyed. Buildings toppled, bridges washed away, the subways flooded and the water did not begin to subside for nearly two months. Fortunately, the city was evacuated so casualties were low, but when it was over 8,000,000 people had nothing to go home to. •

Summer 2016 o

Hotter. Much of the planet between the 30th parallels suffered crippling heat and drought. The average temperature from July 1st through August 31st in Miami was 128 degrees. Millions fled to the north, millions more died. The whole continent of Africa was scorched. 60% of the population, 600,000,000 people either died or moved north, mostly to Russia and China— o

Terrorism—one group blew a giant hole in the Hoover Dam, disrupting power and water to much of Arizona, Nevada and SoCal; engineers determined repairs were impossible. A second group poisoned reservoirs through the central valley of CA, killing thousands. The heat and drought intensified and drove more people north into Colorado, the PNW. •

2018, disintegration of China o

The population of China began to explode in 2012 following the war in the Middle East and the disaster in N. Korea. By the end of the summer of 2016 the immigrants from Africa and Australia had pushed the total to nearly 2 billion. On May 3rd a magnitude 10.1 earthquake with its epicenter near the middle of Beijing leveled the city killing 20,000,000 people. The country’s leadership and infrastructure were irreparably damaged. The massive migration and ongoing food shortages carried over from the drought of 2016 led to devastating famine. Nearly 500,000,000 starved.