Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolutions, 1/1/2015

I will never give up on the lofty goals I renew each year:

Be a better husband, a better father, a better citizen--and all that this entails, stay healthy so I'm here when my family needs me, stay interested in their lives and what matters to them, try to set good examples for my son . . .

My less lofty, mostly selfish goals, are also renewals from prior years, keep learning, reading, writing, get my garage workshop organized . . .

The one thing I'm adding to my list this year is totally selfish and self-serving: I have a lot to say and I'm running out of time to say it. I've always been polite, as I was taught to be. I've kept things in perspective so when I did speak up, or speak my mind, it was on a generally accepted important topic. But now I'm old, officially, and who cares what others think of my opinions. You can tell by the header on my blog how I really think---and I set this up 6 years ago. I've always had strong opinions, I just kept them to myself (with a few rare exceptions). Most people won't care, I'll stick to my blog or twitter (which few people see, anyway), and I'll try not to embarrass my family (or my employer).

So, that's it: Addendum to NYR's for 2015: "Say what's on my mind."

Happy New Year to Everyone!