Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exactly how will you do that?

I've had it with politicians.  I try every election to get informed, to identify in my mind, as least, what the most important issues are and then I listen intently to find out exactly what the different candidates will do to fix things.  I listen, and wait, and listen, and wait and all I hear is this:  'The Democrats have done everything wrong, they don't care about families or businesses or our soldiers--if I get elected I will focus on the economy, focus on jobs, focus on making America great again.'  That's crap--how will you do these things?  Exactly what will you do?  What specifically will you do?  I've heard in all the subtle and not so subtle ways that Obama is a traitor, but what would you do after you get elected?  Don't keep telling me everything that Obama did wrong, tell me what you will do.

I don't believe Obama is a traitor--I believe he cares deeply about America and its people; I don't believe he caused the current economic problems.  I know that greed and a lack of oversight caused it and Obama did the best he could to fix it, in spite of  the fact that the other party stood idly by and did nothing but point figures and try to place blame, or cover their butts.  I'm still waiting to hear how Rick Perry created so many jobs in Texas--exactly what did he do?  How did he do it?  Does anything he did translate to other states or the nation as a whole?

I've lost my patience and my interest is rapidly waning.  No one is answering my questions.  This weekend I'll write to my Senators and Congressman, as I do often, and try to get some answers, but I'm not optimistic I'll hear anything of substance.