Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nigeria scam, Osama, Obama, MLB

Once a week or so I review my "draft" posts for anything that might be appropriate for publishing; and, though I consider some to be very interesting I'm hesitant to post any that might come across as too extreme. I recently deleted a few that were just over the top, and I've decided to log my opinions in a more civil manner.

One is about MLB and the ongoing controversy over steroids and HGH. HGH, by the way, is NOT a banned substance, though anabolic steroids were eventually declared illegal by the League, testing didn't begin for years after they were considered problematic (asterisks were added to the record books?). For starters, I think players who partake in performance enhancers are stupid--but not necessarily cheaters. Professional athletes have for years, probably forever, looked for an edge. Remember the sticky stuff that receivers used on their hands? Or, how about a spitball, or an emery board in the back pocket, or "corked" bats? How about the square grooves that golfers tried? Not to mention protein powders, multiple vitamins, etc., etc. I have stood in a batters box as a 90+ mph fastball zoomed by--and though I was a pretty good hitter, there is no substance that would enable me to hit one. I could move up in the box, shorten my swing, and do a pretty good job against a slow curve ball, but I cannot hit a 95 mph fastball. Barry Bonds could hit them BEFORE he was alleged to have used steroids--maybe he couldn't hit 73 of them out of park, but he could hit. And, 73 doesn't tell the whole story. He set records for BOB's because no one would pitch to him. Had they been foolish enough to challenge him every time he came up to the plate, he would have hit 90--and no juice has been made that would give that ability to anyone BUT the best hitter ever.

Next, this thing about Osama Bin Laden--I've seen headlines in the news like "Bin Laden unarmed when killed", "Daughter witnessed killing," and I don't care. Would it have been better if the Seals had engaged him in a "fair" fight? Like Bin Laden did the nearly 3000 people he murdered in the WTC? It's absurd to even mention that he was unarmed--he was an admitted murderer--he didn't just admit it, he reveled in it, his mission in life was to murder. He deserved to die just the way he did. I'm sorry his daughter witnessed it, sort of; but, extremists routinely strap bombs to the bodies of 12 year-olds, zealots come in all ages and genders, and in this case her Daddy put her in that position; what would the complainers have done? Asked her to leave the room? Postpone the operation? It took 10 years to find the guy--and again, he deserved to die just the way he did.

And, about the photos of the body, publish them? Don't publish them?--call me old fashioned, or call me a patriot--I trust that my Commander in Chief is telling me the truth. I know not every man that's held that job has been completely forthright, but this time I believe him.

Finally, I had six complete strangers offer me a total of 3.1 million dollars today. The daily average is about $2 million, so today was a good day. It's free money, according to the emails in my Spam folder. And, of course, that's what it is, SPAM. They're getting more imaginative, though not more sophisticated. They, the senders, still can't spell, still use awful grammar, but lately I've been getting a broader variety. Today one came from the FBI, another from the Bank of England, and a third was from Ms. Sarah, a recent widow, who doesn't want her inheritance to be absconded by the corrupt government, so she chose me from among everyone on earth to share a portion and help her safe guard the rest. I hope no one is still falling for this crap. They are all variations of the "Nigerian" scam, of course, but now come from all over. A friend recently suggested that rather than try to catch these people--they're elusive and catching them would be costly and time-consuming--let's just fry their computers. I know we have that ability, just click reply, send (with a deadly tojan embedded), and wipe out their hard drives. If we do that enough times, we'll shut 'em down, and all share a chuckle at their expense.

That's all for today--I hope I didn't offend anyone (too much).